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After Noel and I left New York we visited Atlanta and Augusta (Georgia). Boral (Australia) owned or had a big interest in the Merri Brickworks in Augusta so we had a ready welcome there. Managing Director was Peter Knox !!! (the third) who had us stay at the estate he was developing and restoring. This was a magnificent old style village similar to Coolangatta estate in Shoalhaven (Australia) lovingly restored by Col Bishop. Peter Knox ( a delightful young man) was a prominent member of the Augusta Golf club and he arranged our visit to the famous home of the US Masters competition The clubhouse was a beautifully restored homestead in the old Deep US South tradition where they still fly the Confederate flag alongside the Stars and Stripes. Peter was a very generous host and he showed us around and I was even allowed to claim a “Hole in one” at the 18th hole. Peter set up a putt and I dutifully putted out for a “hole in one” at the Augusta Masters Golf course (and I even have the score card to prove it.) I still remember the negro worker at the brickworkis who chewed tobacco and spat it out ( a revolting habit) The social divide between white and black is still alive and well in Augusta. Nowhere was this more apparent than at the dinner for Noel and I held by the local what would be called in Australia Chamber of Commerce. The dinner was held on the rooftop garden of the Bank of Georgia building. I remember the very underdone steak I was served and saying to one of our hosts that I could not eat that as it was too raw. He called one of the black waiters in a most humiliating way much to my embarrassment and ordered he return the dish to the kitchen. Peter Knox later visited Australia in company with Brizola the then Governor of Rio De Janeiro when Brizola was running for President of Brazil (unsucessfully). I saw them on Tv but I did not get to say “‘ow yer goin’ mate ” to them. I had an American Airlines 30 day pass which allowed unlimited clockwise travel. From San Francisco I stopped off at O’Hare Airpot Chicago and then went on to Washington for a 2 day visit during which I visited the Capitol Building and the big Smithsoniam Museum and saw the White House in the distance. I also visited the Washington Cathedral- a huge building devoted to all faiths. An interesting featue of this building was the height of the cross which originally was higher than the image of Liberty on the capitol bullding and it had to be lowered as nothing was allowed to be higher than Liberty. I also visited the Abraham Lincoln memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial graves. I also visited Arlington National War Cemetery and stood at the foot of John F. Kennedy’s grave which has an eternal flame burning. Arlington also features a continuous exercise by a squad of servicemen who carry out (in shifts) the precise military ritual 24 hours a day 7 days a week-a most inspiring display. John F Kennedy’s brother Robert was not eligible to be buried in Arlington as he had never served in the US defence forces unlike his brother who was in the US Navy From Washington I flew to Miami on my was to Jamaica to visit my nephew Father Charles Rue who had a Catholic missionary parish there and with whom I had visited South Korea and the Far East during the visit by Pope John Paul 2.


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  1. Great story Dad. .. I knew you had travelled far and wide but great to read all your experiences and what you have seen…amazing.


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